Diary of an estate agent: pop stars and east London launches

Visiting a new east London site that's launching means spending the rest of the day discussing the project with buyers looking for savvy opportunities...
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It’s 8.30am and time for the weekly sales meeting with my team to reflect on the past week and focus on the next few days. We have just come off the back of the successful launch of London City Island, but there is no time to rest on our laurels today, as it is obvious that we have a busy week ahead of us. Market sentiment is good and we have various projects launching over the coming weeks.

I spend the afternoon with a buyer scouting out a potential pied-à-terre for his pop star daughter. He doesn’t tell me who she is, although I have an inkling. He isn’t keen on buying offplan, so I have organised a tour of finished options for him in the West End. With the added incentive of meeting her should he deem anything suitable, the pressure is on to find something great.

A would-be buyer calls me early, very concerned that she has yet to exchange. It really should have got over the line last Friday, but it has spilled into this week and she is worried as today is the final day of her reservation period. This sale is equally important to my client and to me, being the last unit out of 200 to sell, so it’s all hands on deck now to ensure the solicitors can agree the final few points.

With my mediation hat on, I finally manage to persuade my client to allow for a few tweaks to the contract and we are good to go. Happy buyer and happy client.

The morning is spent visiting an exciting new east London site that is launching imminently. It’s an opportunity to see the capital’s skyline from a different perspective. I spend the rest of the day discussing the project with some keen buyers, including my housemate, who has been waiting for something just like this.

He is particularly impressed with the open spaces and places to eat and drink nearby, plus it is also a safe area to live in. There is always pressure to ensure you introduce your buyers to savvy opportunities, but even more so when you have to live with them.

This evening I am at the launch of the River Tower at One Nine Elms. We launched the first phase towards the end of last year — it was a huge success — and this is the much-anticipated second tower.

The evening flies by, with a good number of units under offer and a very happy client. Once the room clears, there’s nothing to do but toast the success with the leftover champagne.

Arriving at the office, there’s a message on my phone from a potential new client. My details were passed to him by an old buyer of mine and he wants to get together for a coffee to go over some options. Calls like these are always great to get — this job is just as much about who you know as what you know, and this guy represents several
high net worth individuals looking to invest their money.

I meet him in the afternoon to go over what we have in the pipeline and how it could fit in with his investors’ needs. It is clear he has a penchant for the super-prime market and wants to buy multiple units. There will be a long road to navigate before this converts into any sales, but it’s clear that we will be able to work together in the long term.

We shake hands and then it’s straight to Hyde Park for the annual office softball tournament. It just so happens to be one of the hottest days of the year and we inadvertently set up camp next to a Caribbean dance tournament. Inevitably, dancing in the shade wins out over running in the sun. Not a bad way to wind down the day.

Another breakfast meeting — this time at South Bank Tower, where we are given a tour of their impressive marketing suite. We are lucky enough to be involved in some of the most exciting developments in this area, where the location mixed with the unparalleled views make for a tantalising proposition.

Later, I head back to the office to meet a couple looking to buy their first home within the Royal Waterside development in Park Royal. The beauty of this job is that it spans the entire breadth of London and I get to meet all types of people. After a productive hour, we pinpoint a unit that seems to match their requirements perfectly. They leave me with a very good offer — the perfect way to end a very productive week.

Jack Hudson is a sales negotiator at CBRE Residential’s head office in Bloomsbury W1 (020 7182 2007).

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