The average house price for every London borough

House prices across the capital are continuing to rise, according to latest Land Registry figures. The new report reveals the east London borough of Newham is the fastest-growing area, with a recorded annual increase of 15.5 per cent. Also in the east, the borough of Barking and Dagenham experienced the highest monthly price increase, with a hike of 2.2 per cent. 

The report highlights that growth in the more affordable pockets of London is outstripping the rest of the market, with affordability constraints and a shortage of properties driving homebuyers to seek cheaper options.

We reveal the average house price growth for every London borough.

Revealed: London's fastest-growing borough

A new report reveals the 10 areas of the capital where house prices have risen most during the past year - and Hillingdon in west London has knocked the Olympic borough of Newham off the top spot.

The average cost of buying in every London borough

The latest Land Registry data reveals the average cost of buying a London home has risen by 10.9 per cent in the past year to £474,544.

The east London borough of Newham recorded the highest annual price growth of 17.2 per cent, while Kensington and Chelsea recorded the lowest. Once again, Hackney is the capital's rising star month-on-month, with a jump of 2.1 per cent taking average prices to £616,004.

Barking and Dagenham remains the most affordable borough to buy a home, with an average price of £274,173.

The average cost of buying in every London borough

The average cost of a London home has risen 13 per cent to £463,872, figures released by the Land Registry reveal.  

However, people who recently bought homes in some of London’s poorest boroughs have made bigger returns on their investments than buyers in the capital’s most glamorous districts. Newham in east London has seen prices soar by 21.4 per cent, while prime borough Kensington and Chelsea saw a growth rate of just 7.8 per cent - the slowest in the capital.

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