Highgate Modern Homes:inside some of London's best - and hidden - Modernist homes, from contemporary glass houses to sustainable timber structures

The period properties and conservation areas of Highgate hide decades of architectural innovation...

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You'd be forgiven for not having noticed that the historic and leafy area of Highgate, North London is home to one of the largest concentrations of Modernist architecture in the UK.  

Some of the leading lights of the architectural movement lived here: from John Winter, whose 1966 ‘Winter House’ first put the area on the international architectural map; to Leonard Manasseh, a 100-year-old Royal Academician whose 1957 Highgate house still belongs to his family.

Many of the striking, box-shaped, glass encased designs are hidden away from view of the road due to the local planning policies of the past. But a new exhibition, Highgate Modern Homes is bringing these once radical designs into the spotlight.

The majority of homes on display are tucked away in leafy conservation areas overlapping the Northern boroughs of Camden and Haringey. Their presence reflects the area’s association with the post-war North London cultural movement.

Some of the properties being exhibited hark back to that era, while other newer builds reflect the design legacy modernism had on the area and its identity.

Highgate Modern Homes exhibition is held at Highgate School Museum, Southwood Lane, London N6 until 30 October 2016 - 3pm-7pm during weekdays and 11-4pm weekends. 

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