Richard Warren

Cut your rent in half by joining a co-op

Sky-high rents swallow most of salary after tax, but housing co-operatives offer great deals to young Londoners willing to shoulder a few ownership responsibilities.

New build-to-rent homes

The first 10,000 homes supported by the Government's Built to Rent fund will be ready in two years, a quarter of them in London

Soundproof your home

Noise is a growing problem in London so more people are turning to soundproofing experts to find out how to create some peace and quiet in their homes.

Lateral living

London's new lateral apartments do away with stairs, landings and corridors to offer spectacular open-plan living space.

Chromatherapy lighting

Chromatherapy lighting, using the power of colour as a "de-stress" system first made its way into luxury spas but now the colourful trend is now making an impact in our homes

Concealed kitchens

The disappearing kitchen is the latest London trend. New designs enable all precious surface space to be multifunctional