Caramel Quin

How safe is your glass table?

Glass tables seem ideal for modern living — they take up less visual space. But what if your dining table or desk shatters?

Phone for security

It's National Home Security Month. As the clocks go back, we find ways to protect your home by phone.


Design trends: clocks

We find the latest hi-tech timekeepers, from radio-controlled wall clocks to hi-tech clock-barometers for the 21st century.

Design trends: techie gym kit

Turbo charge your weekly gym sessions - or walk a half marathon while typing away at your desk - with the latest hi-tech gadgets.

Design trends: space savers

The average new-build one-bedroom flat in London is smaller than a Tube carriage. These clever products let you enjoy all the latest mod cons even when space is at a premium.

Design trends: time-saving gadgets

We take a look at the latest time-saving gadgets and appliances, including speed showers, floor cleaners, food processors, dishwashers and even robotic lawnmowers.

TVs for Olympics watching

For the TV event of the year, nay the decade, go for gold and catch every bit of the Olympic action with the latest high-definition and 3D TV sets