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Can my husband force his ex to sell their house?

When my husband split with his now ex-wife, he agreed to continue to pay the mortgage for two years, after which time their house would be sold or the mortgage transferred into her name. The two years is up and she is not co-operating. What can we do?

How do I get my money back from the solicitors?

I recently bought a leasehold flat and part of my final solicitors' bill included almost £1,000 in "service charge apportionments", which I believe I should not have had to pay. What options do I have to get this money back?

Can I get my £600 deposit back from my ex-landlady?

I have been trying to get my deposit of £600 back from my previous landlady. She was in breach of her remit by not putting my deposit into a tenancy deposit scheme. Have I got any chance of seeing this money again?

Can I sell my tenants along with my flat?

I have tenants renting my flat and I want to sell it, but they do not want to move out. Could I sell the flat to an investor with the tenants still in occupation?

What’s the law over my tenant’s deposit?

I have a really good tenant who wants to stay in my property after his tenancy ends. I'm going to let him stay but do I have to register his deposit with the tenancy deposit scheme again?

Was my solicitor negligent over my lease?

I was inadequately informed about the length of time left on the lease of my flat as my solicitor only confirmed it's true expiry date after completion. I think my solicitor has been negligent - can you help?

Can a developer make us exchange contracts?

The developer of our new-build house is putting pressure on us to exchange contracts, but the house has been delayed and our mortgage agreement expires soon. What happens if we exchange and our mortgage offer is not renewed?

Can we sue over neighbour's noise?

Question: We recently bought a second-floor flat in a three-storey block. The seller insisted there were no noise-related issues to concern us, and on a form he said there had been no noise complaints.