Hot homes from £140k - within a 45-minute commute of London

Eager to jump on the property ladder, many house hunters are now casting their eye to affordable Northamptonshire, just 60 miles from London. With trains from Wellingborough and Kettering less than an hour from the city, both areas offer great value for money.

Commuter house prices catch up with the capital

​House price rises in the commuter belt have caught up with increases in London, as buyers priced out of the capital create new property hotspots within an hour’s commute of the city...

Nice and easy: year-round holiday homes with sea views

The French city of Nice has long held a special place in British hearts. A favourite holiday spot since the 18th century, by the turn of the 20th century it was so loved by Queen Victoria and her aristocracy that the coastal boulevard, planted with mimosa and palm trees, was named the Promenade des Anglais.

Ibiza island glamour

Take a new London City flight to an The White Island that's not just for party people.

How to target your London home search

In our new four-part series we help you to target your home search by slicing through London's property market - starting with the historic wards at its centre.

Average house prices for first-time buyers in every London borough

Exclusive new research for Homes & Property by Savills reveals the true cost of getting onto the property ladder in every London borough. The figures show exactly how much a modest starter home in each of the capital's boroughs will cost - and also highlight five-year growth comparisons.