Royal Docks

The Zone 3 homes hotspots tipped for big changes

Priced-out home buyers are heading to London's travel Zone 3, where addresses are 41 per cent cheaper on average than Zone 2 and districts are benefiting from new transport links, high street makeovers and business hubs.

New cities on the Thames by 2020

The Thames is at the heart of a greener and more sustainable London with plans for new floating villages, piers, Victorian-type pleasure gardens, cheap rental offices and thousands of new homes.

Renting in Custom House and Royal Docks

There's lots of houses and flats to rent in Custom house and Royal Docks with renting costs reducing dramatically depending on the length of the commute.

New homes on the Thames

Riverside living will be big in 2012. David Spittles reveals his exclusive buyers' guide to the top 10 new areas