After delay, can I serve a "notice to complete"?

I am in the process of buying a house and the seller is also buying a new build. We exchanged in August with an "on notice" completion. The seller's house completion has been delayed with no definite date. Can I serve a "notice to complete"?

If we tell the truth, will our sale be history?

Our managing agent told us at our residents' meeting that we are not required to declare "historic" legal disputes to prospective buyers but didn't say what constitutes historic. Can you help?

How do I get my money back from the solicitors?

I recently bought a leasehold flat and part of my final solicitors' bill included almost £1,000 in "service charge apportionments", which I believe I should not have had to pay. What options do I have to get this money back?

Can you solve my dilemma over deeds?

I bought my house in 2000 without a mortgage and I hold the title deeds. Now that I am selling it do I need to update copies of my title documents?

What’s the law over my tenant’s deposit?

I have a really good tenant who wants to stay in my property after his tenancy ends. I'm going to let him stay but do I have to register his deposit with the tenancy deposit scheme again?

Can we sue over neighbour's noise?

Question: We recently bought a second-floor flat in a three-storey block. The seller insisted there were no noise-related issues to concern us, and on a form he said there had been no noise complaints.

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