Courgette and Aubergine Curry

A simple one-pot supper that is warming for the soul. Red split lentils provide a quick-and-easy creamy base without the need to soak them. The coconut and ginger have incredible immune-boosting properties.

Vegetable risotto

The combination of the artichokes and fresh mint really pulls through the risotto with every mouthful.

​Stuffed vegetables

This is a wonderful colourful tray of mixed vegetables, which you can vary according to what’s easily available and in season.

​Pea and spinach soup

This is a refreshing and surprisingly filling cold soup. Not completely raw as the peas are always blanched before being frozen, but it’s certainly got a raw spirit.

Tangy sweet potato salad

Caraway gives warmth and depth to a dish. Use it sparingly, like fennel seeds, and you will be left wondering what the flavour is exactly. But it doesn’t matter, it just tastes very good.

The new London homes scooping architecture awards

Hundreds of new houses and flats as well as whole new districts of our fast-changing city are celebrated in this year’s New London Awards for architecture, planning and development, announced today.

Lemon cream tart

Fresh strawberries are the perfect accompanyment to this lemon and custard dessert (serves 6-8)

Garden cocktails

Grow the plants that make summer drinks sensational, and try these classic cocktail recipes using ingredients straight from the garden.