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Can we make our father leave us a share of his home?

My parents own a house in joint names. My mother wants me and my brother to inherit the house upon their deaths but my father wants to leave the house, or half of it, to other relatives. Is there anything we can do to make him leave a share to us?

How does the taxman treat holiday rentals?

I understand holiday lets are treated differently to buy-to-let property, but what about the tax treatment of mortgage interest, and how has the recent Budget changed things?

Who is to blame for the Japanese knotweed?

We have just noticed Japanese knotweed at the end of our new garden. This was not mentioned in the survey or in the seller’s questionnaire. Can we make a claim against the surveyor or previous owner?

Whose responsibility is the overgrown hedge and broken

A developer who went bust owns the access paths to new houses built in front of our home. The hedge on his land is wildly overgrown, overrun by rats and there is also a broken down fence. Who should maintain this area now – the residents of the new houses or the council?

How do I transfer home into my name?

My mother has left her house to me in her will. Even though my stepfather died about six years ago, the house is still registered in their joint names. Will this be an issue and what should I do?

Do buyers have a right to early access?

We are selling our run-down family home to pay the fees for our mother’s care home. The buyers know the house will be empty soon and even though we have not exchanged contracts they want access for their workmen. What are our options?

Will moving abroad affect mortgage?

Would I have to get a buy-to-let mortgage if I buy a house to live in for a couple of years, move abroad, then return to the same house when I get back?

Can my husband force his ex to sell their house?

When my husband split with his now ex-wife, he agreed to continue to pay the mortgage for two years, after which time their house would be sold or the mortgage transferred into her name. The two years is up and she is not co-operating. What can we do?

Can you solve my dilemma over deeds?

I bought my house in 2000 without a mortgage and I hold the title deeds. Now that I am selling it do I need to update copies of my title documents?

Can I get my £600 deposit back from my ex-landlady?

I have been trying to get my deposit of £600 back from my previous landlady. She was in breach of her remit by not putting my deposit into a tenancy deposit scheme. Have I got any chance of seeing this money again?