Jacqui Small

Tuna sashimi tostada

Served with pink grapefruit, avocado and wasabi lemon cream on crispy tortillas.

​Sea bass ‘en papillote’

Cooking en papillote - in a paper bag - seals in the moisture of the fish and intensifies its flavour, leaving you with a succulent, aromatic and visually impressive dish.

Crispy chocolate eggs

The combination of the hazelnuts with the chocolate makes a decadent Easter treat.

​Chicken broth

This broth can be enjoyed as a soup or used as stock in many other dishes. An essential recipe for every cook's repertoire.

Ful medames with poached eggs

Haricot beans and lentils provide excellent slow-release energy, and soaking overnight to break down the fibre makes them more digestible. Their nutrients are accessed without taxing the digestive system.