Fiona McNulty

How does the taxman treat holiday rentals?

I understand holiday lets are treated differently to buy-to-let property, but what about the tax treatment of mortgage interest, and how has the recent Budget changed things?

Vault under our property could add value

We have a vault under our house which would mean excavation for a basement conversion would not be required. The vault is not on our title deeds and an estate agent has told us to sort out the paperwork before we sell. What do we need to do?

How do I transfer home into my name?

My mother has left her house to me in her will. Even though my stepfather died about six years ago, the house is still registered in their joint names. Will this be an issue and what should I do?

How safe is your glass table?

Glass tables seem ideal for modern living — they take up less visual space. But what if your dining table or desk shatters?

How do I get my money back from the solicitors?

I recently bought a leasehold flat and part of my final solicitors' bill included almost £1,000 in "service charge apportionments", which I believe I should not have had to pay. What options do I have to get this money back?

Can the freeholder charge me for a loft extension?

I own the lease of a top-floor flat in a Victorian building which is split into three properties, and I would now like to convert the loft area above. The freeholder wants to charge us up to 15 per cent of the increased value of the property - can he do this?