How can we get our neighbours to move their skip?

Our neighbours have put a skip on our shared driveway and refuse to move it. They have also blocked access to our garage in the past by parking on the driveway. My husband has mobility problems so this makes our lives difficult. What can we do?

Vault under our property could add value

We have a vault under our house which would mean excavation for a basement conversion would not be required. The vault is not on our title deeds and an estate agent has told us to sort out the paperwork before we sell. What do we need to do?

Do buyers have a right to early access?

We are selling our run-down family home to pay the fees for our mother’s care home. The buyers know the house will be empty soon and even though we have not exchanged contracts they want access for their workmen. What are our options?

Compare the costs: homes in 15 key London commuter areas

As the gap in house prices between London and the rest of the country cannot grow any wider, new research from Knight Frank reveals 15 commuter spots to tempt London homebuyers, comparing property prices and travel costs. We take a commuter property tour from Cobham to Exeter. Read FULL REPORT HERE