Property area guide to Brixton

This south London distict is thriving. Labelled the 'Brixton Village effect', start-up businesses were given a chance to occupy units for free and, five years on, lots of innovative bars and restaurants have made Brixton one of London's trendiest destinations:  VIEW FULL PROPERTY AREA GUIDE HERE.

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Bank on Brixton: new flats for first-time buyers

Brixton is Zone 2's trendy place to live, but the average house costs £571,083. Good news for first-time buyers - who can buy a share or enjoy subsidised rent at these new flats from £199,000.

Property search: Brixton, Hampshire or Suffolk?

The budget is £600,000 this week and the choice is between a stylish flat in Brixton, a school conversion in leafy Heckfield and a thatched cottage with gym, sauna, additional holiday cottage and four acres in Wilby.

Brixton spotlight

Thanks to its energy, nightlife and a strong sense of community, Brixton has never lost its appeal for young buyers