Diary of an estate agent: Knightsbridge

A new luxury development with 42 premium residences and penthouses, a concierge that provides 24-hour service and 25,000ft of gallery space causes a splash... 

Credit Suisse banker buys £2.4m Holland Park house to help ease

Just imagine being so rich you can afford to buy three flats in Belgravia to knock into one big home, and knowing that the council might object on grounds of reducing the housing stock, you solve the problem by buying another super-expensive house to divide into four flats, thus more than restoring the balance of property stock in the borough. 

Diary of an estate agent: Chelsea and Belgravia

With an election on the way there’s too much time to think up silly ideas but I’m still doing valuations when one apartment visit turns into the great escape after I’m locked in by the porter.

Window dressing

The best faux flowers look great, fool the neighbours and have a place in the lives of busy Londoners.

Daddy's girls

Meet the Porfs - children of the rich and famous, including Tamara Ecclestone and Anna Abramovich - who have millions to spend on a starter home.

Chocolate queen: Chantal Coady

Chantal Coady dreamed of owning a chocolate factory but until she did her south London home was covered in trays of truffles

Pimlico spotlight

Known for its monumental terraces and white stucco homes, Pimlico is packed with style and offers excellent value for money in central London