15 minutes

​Sea bass ‘en papillote’

Cooking en papillote - in a paper bag - seals in the moisture of the fish and intensifies its flavour, leaving you with a succulent, aromatic and visually impressive dish.

Mary Berry's fish pie with crushed potato topping

The filling for this fish pie is a tasty blend of spinach, salmon, and hake. Instead of putting a classic mash on top, this recipe uses quickly crushed potatoes, drizzled with olive oil to make them crunchy.

Roasted cherry and vanilla mousse millefeuille

The French classic dessert, millefeuille, literally meaning a thousand sheets, is an impressive way to showcase seasonal cherries. The crisp layers of puff pastry combined with a light airy mousse contrasts well with the sweet tang of the cherries.

Smashed chocolate licorice meringues

These meringues are the dense chewy kind rather than the light ones, which are often too dry. A little licorice gives an added warmth and depth to the chocolate meringue.

Almond berry cake

This visually stunning, healthy cake is quick to make and satisfies any sweet cravings.

Design trends: work mates

The latest smart appliances make life easier — from steam-generator irons that help you do the job in half the time to robots that vacuum while you’re out at work

Oregano lamb with fruity rice

This succulent, juicy lamb marinated with the fresh flavours of oregano and lemon will definitely impress your guests