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The latest of our popular Homes & Property TV series is full of flair, cosmopolitan chic and ingenious bargain hunting. Catch up on the highlights of the latest show
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Presenter Alistair Appleton
© Mark York
Presenter Alistair Appleton
This week, we showed you how to knock a blistering £8,000 off the interior styling of our star home.

Amazing spaces: Presenter Alistair Appleton met a couple who have spent years creating the ultimate five-star bedroom with an ensuite bathroom fit for a king.

With a giant mosaic of Napoleon, a tremendous modern bateau bath and all the sleek chrome you could want, the bathroom comes in at around £40,000.

'The top tip is to go to a trade show and save thousands'

Undaunted, Alison Cork went out of town to discover off-the-high-street suppliers to get a similar look. The results were impressive. This week's top tip is to go to a trade show, where you'll find all the suppliers, some discounts if you buy there and then, plus the knowledge that you are buying bang on trend.

Alison found a mosaic of a Roman goddess, a bath for £700 rather than £5,000, and some fantastic taps, together saving thousands.

Discover the South Bank. It is a great place to live and has just as much action as it did in the 16th century. Then, as Alistair points out, it was a place for brothel action and bear-baiting.

Today, there is the Globe, the National Theatre, Tate Modern, the Royal Festival Hall, Borough Market and the glorious Thames. All opened up and all buzzing, but much cheaper than Covent Garden, just across the river. The paucity of local shops is one of the few drawbacks to London's own equivalent of Paris's Left Bank.

Gardens: While all the chic and glamour goes to your head, why not build a roof garden. Andy Sturgeon looked at the plants, from silver-leaved Mediterranean olives, lavenders and rosemarys to succulents and sea-tolerant charmers, and had great tips for saving weight when you lug all that heavy soil up and down to its new home in the sky.

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Featured in our last show:
Discover the South Bank: you'll find the Globe, the National Theatre, Tate Modern, the Royal Festival Hall, Borough Market and the glorious Thames.

Next, Andy Sturgeon looks at the most suitable plants for roof gardens.


Alistair Appleton; Alison Cork; Andy Sturgeon
From left: Alistair Appleton; Alison Cork; Andy Sturgeon
Alistair Appleton has a wealth of property knowledge from his established television career. He will be showing us the best locations to live in the capital and opening the doors to some of London’s most inspirational homes.

Alison Cork: following the success of Alison’s weekly ‘Really useful ideas & bargains’ column in the Evening Standard, Alison teaches us how we can all get homeware for less.

Andy Sturgeon is a Chelsea RHS Gold medal winner and gardening writer for the Guardian newspaper. He is the author of two best-selling books and lectures internationally on garden design.

Jo Eccles; Cathy Strongman
Jo Eccles and Cathy Strongman
Jo Eccles is the founder and director of leading property search company, Sourcing Property. She is seen as an area property expert and is frequently asked to comment on all aspects of property from interior design trends to market behaviour and prices.

Cathy Strongman is a freelance architectural journalist and author, contributing to various publications, including Homes & Property, the Architects' Journal, Grand Designs Magazine and House & Garden. Her latest book, The Sustainable Home, was recently published by Merrell.

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