Surveyors top the scoreboard: research reveals the profession most likely to make extra-marital house calls

Property is not the only thing surveyors inspect, according to new research by one of the UK's leading dating websites...

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Of all the tradespeople and professionals likely to call at residential addresses during the day, it is not beefy builders or cheeky chippies who are mostly likely to prove the housewife's choice but surveyors, says

Of 3,000 men asked if they have had affairs while working, surveyors came top of the poll, often admitting to multiple encounters. Plumbers came second, followed by carpenters, electricians and gardeners. Irresistible "opportunity" was given as the main reason for their serial philandering.

"They can just pop a text to their partners to let them know that a job has overrun, so they will be home late," says the website's marketing director Christian Grant.

Why surveyors should top the list is a puzzle, he admits. "They do not have the attractive bravery of firemen or the heroic charisma of doctors."

But Homes & Property can offer a mundane explanation: most people seeking to find out what their home is worth are looking to remortgage — which is dependant on a generous valuation.

Surveyors do not need to be the sexiest beasts in the jungle because they know they are the most powerful. But if a housewife is nice to one, he'll happily become their pussycat. 

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