Room in Old Street with a bed in the kitchen rents for £1,083 a month

A room that can barely be described as a 'studio' has been snapped up for more than £250 rent per week as housesharing rents soar across the capital.
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It's not so much a studio flat, technically speaking this is a single bed in a kitchen - and it has been rented out for £1,083 a month.

A recent advert on flatsharing site described the Old Street property as 'brilliantly' furnished; thanks to a desk and wardbrobe being squeezed between the sink and the bed.

On the plus side, it's located within a swift three-minute walk from Farringdon Station - one of London's new Crossrail hotspots - and the building has an on-site gym which offers a bit more room to move.

With flatsharing rents soaring by almost 15 per cent in the last three years, and six people battling for every double bedroom available, young Londoners are increasingly being squeezed out of central London or having to make big sacrifices in terms of accomodation if they are determined to stay in the city.

Earlier this week a Harry Potter style cupboard under the stairs in Clapham was recently advertised on another flatsharing site for £500 a month.
At first glance: this 'studio' looks like a normal room

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