Naked in Chelsea:reality TV star Jamie Laing reveals he is a nudist with an 'open-door' policy at home

When it comes to being comfortable at home, Jamie Laing admits he takes a “bare all” approach, and confesses that his habits drove his former flatmate to move out...

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Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing has revealed he likes to be "completely naked" at all times when at home.

The reality TV star also operates an open-door policy, no matter who he lives with.

"Be in what God gave you, you should just bare all at all times, just completely naked, why not?" he says in an exclusive interview with Ideal Flatmate.

On his insistence of always having every door open at his home, he says: "Even if you're in the bathroom, or on the loo, or in the shower, you can't shut the door."

When asked if he thinks he is a good flatmate, he replies that being spontaneous, carefree and relaxed makes him a great housemate - but also a bad one. "That kind of combination doesn't work with some people," he says.

He confessed that his former flatmate, Georgie, had to move out because she couldn't cope with his party-boy lifestyle of going to bed at 3am or 4am, while waking up at 7am feeling "absolutely fine".

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