Renting in London:tenants confess the top 10 secrets they keep from flatmates

New research reveals the most common secrets kept by London renters from their unsuspecting housemates - with surprising results...

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The top 10 secrets most often kept by London's renters have been revealed in a survey by flatsharing marketplace 

Taking the top spot, with 40 per cent of those surveyed confessing it as their go-to fib, is making up an excuse to avoid having to go to a party. Renters also go to great lengths to cover up when they've called in sick for work, fearing judgment from those they live with.

While almost half of London's renters trust that those they live with would not lie to them, more than two thirds have themselves stretched the truth or kept a secret from someone they share a home with, according to the report.

Surprisingly, eating food that doesn't belong to you from the fridge was only fifth on the list, with 20 per cent of those surveyed admitting to the offence (perhaps they were the only ones able to keep a lid on it).

"Then you lied about lying about lying about...lying": fibbing about how something got damaged happened is fourth on the list of top 10 secrets

People may think that they know everything about their housemates, from their habits to their love lives, but 11 per cent of London renters lie to those they live with about smoking, while a third (33 per cent) secretly have a crush on a housemate. A further 16 per cent are only pretending to like those that live under the same roof. 

When asked about why Londoners lie or keep secrets from those they live with, most fib to avoid conflict and keep the peace within the household. Over half tell porky pies to avoid upsetting others, while a third keep secrets and lie to maintain their privacy within a household.

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