Renting in Custom House and Royal Docks

There's lots of houses and flats to rent in Custom house and Royal Docks with renting costs reducing dramatically depending on the length of the commute.
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Property area guide to Custom House
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The transformation is clear to anyone passing through Custom House by DLR or via Royal Docks Road, with shiny new blocks of flats standing alongside traditional housing in more established neighbourhoods
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Houses and flats for rent in Custom House and Royal Docks:
In the Royal Docks there are twice as many rental properties available than properties for sale. Most renters, like most buyers, are young professionals working in Canary Wharf and rents drop depending on the length of the commute, with those in the Royal Victoria Dock about £50 a week cheaper than in Canary Wharf itself, and a further £25 a week cheaper in Gallions Reach.

Buy-to-let investors expect a rental yield of around five per cent but some investors with short-term loans from Irish banks are selling up when these loans fall due, and many of these flats are now being sold to owner-occupiers rather than investors.

Average prices: renting flats and houses in Custom House

One-bedroom flat: £1,261 a month
Two-bedroom flat: £1,560 a month
Two-bedroom house: £1,440 a month
Three-bedroom flat: £1,551 a month
Four-bedroom flat or house: £1,708 a month

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