Renting guide: West Kensington

West Kensington is a rental hotspot for London's professional sharers.
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£1,430 a month: for a two-bedroom flat in Netherwood Road in Netherwood Road.

West Kensington is one of London’s most popular rental areas with a plentiful supply of one- and two-bedroom flats. It is a particular favourite with young professional sharers.

Rents on two-bedroom flats range from around £1,430 a month to £6,500 a month. Winkworth has a two-bedroom flat in Netherwood Road for £1,430 a month.

At the other extreme, Marsh & Parsons has a two-bedroom flat at the Old Courthouse, an Edwardian baroque building in North End Road, with a barrel-vaulted living room ceiling and a courtyard garden, for £6,500 a month.

Average prices: renting houses and flats in West Kensington
One-bedroom flat: £1,653 a month
Two-bedroom flat: £2,365 a month
Two-bedroom house: £2,760 a month
Three-bedroom house: £5,026 a month
Four-bedroom house: £5,715 a month

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