House shares in London: with eight potential tenants chasing every available room, here's how to be first in line

Finding a room in a decent shared house or flat in London is increasingly difficult. A new survey reveals exactly what housemates are looking for...

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Renters seeking to share a house or a flat in London are facing stiff competition, with eight vying for every available room, according to home-sharing website EasyRoommate.

With flats full to the brim, and existing housemates often choosing who gets to move in, it's not uncommon to hear of renters having multiple "interviews" before securing a room - one that preferably comes without damp and with friendly faces.

EasyRoommate's survey reveals that a potential housemate's day-to-day behaviour is widely considered by sharers to be the most important factor. Being responsible and having a good sense of humour are the traits Londoners most favour, while over 70 per cent of those surveyed say political views, relationship status, religious beliefs and job type are considered to be largely irrelevant.

Bag that room! Our guide to sharing success:


Despite three being revealed as the ideal number of sharers, a fifth are forced to live in homes with five or more housemates, and a third with four or more - largely due to soaring rental costs. 

The survey also finds that half of sharers fear rising rents could soon force them to move out of the capital for good. For now, however, sharing in London means being willing to compromise - with a nice flat in a not-so-nice area being the most common concession.

“The research highlights that rising costs are making it harder for flatsharers to move to their dream 'boastcode'. If sharers can’t live in their ideal location, it’s all about making sure they have the crème de la crème of house buddies," says EasyRoommate chief executive, Albin Serviant.


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