Pokémon GO:advert for Clapham flat 'filled' with Pikachu and Squirtle to attract buyers

With downloads of Pokémon GO hitting 15 million worldwide, one Londoner has added some images of the cute characters to her property advert in the hope of attracting a buyer...

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Now the Pokémon GO phenomenon is even making its mark on the London property market.

A flat in Clapham appears to have been invaded by a pack of Pokémon characters. Unfortunately for fans of the mobile game, it is not the hottest new “gym” where you can battle with other trainers but the work of a seller looking to capture the attention of buyers in the area.

With downloads of the augmented reality game hitting 15 million worldwide, Charlotte Williams came up with the idea of inserting the cute additions to her sale photos believing that they would attract more potential buyers. 

“I wanted to make my home stand out on the market and, as I love playing Pokémon GO, so I added the characters to the pictures of my home,” she said.

The characters feature in the photos of the exterior of the property as well as in a number of rooms. Squirtle can be found in the bathtub, Pikachu perches on the edge of the sofa in the living room and Slowpoke pops up on the dining room table waiting to be caught by a Poké Ball.

On the hunt for buyers: seller Charlotte Williams came up with the idea of inserting Pokémon into her sale photos

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