Open House London 2015: visit Bayswater's 8ft-wide Gap House

Take a tour of the innovative small-fronted home that packs a big design punch as part of this year's Open House London weekend.
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Measuring just 8ft-wide at the front, this innovative four-bedroom home was built seven years ago and slotted into a side alley between two Grade-II listed buildings in west London, earning it the affectionate nickname of The Gap House.

Beyond its' uber-slim entrance, the house opens up into a surprisingly bright and airy four-storey space, with a sculptural staircase, wet rooms and private courtyard. 

This year, the owners are opening their home up to the public for tours, as part of Open House London weekend on Sunday 20 September.


Simply creating a modern family home in an extemely awkward space wasn't challenging enough for Luke Tozer, director of Pitman Tozer Architects. Tozer also wanted the house to be both eco-friendly and cost effective.

Completed within 10 months on a budget of £514,000, the result is a stylish home that is a showcase of how eco-friendly architecture can inform beautiful and clever design. Seven years later, the property is still ahead of its time in many respects, including using only 30 per cent of the energy of a typical house.

Good insualtion is key to successful energy-efficient technologies that use passive solar gain (it collects, stores and distributes solar energy) and ground source heat pumps (natural heat from the ground is pumped via pipes buried in the garden) to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. A rain-water harvesting system is used to flush toilets.

Open House London showcases how architects are turning the constraints of limited space and restricted budgets to create innovative and sustainable homes, as well as giving Londoners access to the top sites in the capital, including 10 Downing Street, BT Tower and the London Eye.


Professional Team 
Architect: Pitman Tozer Architects
Structural engineer: Richard Tant Associates
Main contractor: Brownstone Ltd
Energy Consultant: Briary Energy
Landscape consultant: Nurture Nature
M&E engineer: Arup
M&E engineer: Richard Pearce & Associates

Ground Source Heat Pump: Geothermal International
Rainwater harvesting: Envireau
Staircase: Tin Tab
Windows: Seufert Niklaus
Sliding Doors: Alco Beldan
Glass balustrades: DR Services

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