New London record set as £60m spent in three hours on starter flats - highlighting lack of affordable housing in London

More than 250 people queued for the chance to buy a starter home at a Hounslow development on Thursday November 5 that will not be ready until 2017.
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A new speed record has been set for London and the UK housing market after 215 starter flats sold out in three hours on Thursday November 5 in west London.

The collection of studios and one-bedroom apartments, worth a combined £60 million, were sold off-plan and won't be ready to live in until 2017.

During the course of three hours, almost £335,00 was spent per minute as more than 250 eager buyers, some of whom had camped out overnight, queued to purchase starter homes that were sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Studios start from 301sq ft and the one-bedroom apartments from 484sq ft - both of which are still smaller than the size of some London Tube carriages.



Trinity Square is a five-minute walk from the high Street and Hounslow Central Station, on the Piccadilly line. The flats have integrated kitchen units, fitted wardrobes and swivel television untils which divide the open-plan living and sleeping areas in the studio apartments.

The developer says that never before has a scheme sold out so quickly in London and the UK and underlines the huge demand and lack of affordable housing in London. 

“Trinity Square is part of our ‘Get on the Ladder’ Campaign to provide hundreds of new homes priced below £300,000 in order to help Londoners get a foot on the housing ladder," said Stephen Conway, Chief Executive of Galliard Homes.

Prices started from £199,000 and deposits from £1,000. The development has a total of 228 homes. More than half of the successful buyers are from the local Hounslow area, while the remainder were snapped up by investors. Thirteen of the homes were held back for exisiting Galliard customers.


Grazyna Morawska, a mother in her sixties, was the first in the queue - from 9am on Wednesday - 32 hours before the launch. Morawska flew over from Poland with the aim of securing a flat each for her children, Radomir and Monika, both in their thirties, who joined their mother during the night to take turns keeping their place in the queue.  

Another camper determined to buy his first home was 25-year-old business manager Ravinda Singh, who joined the queue on Wednesday evening. A Hounslow resident, Singh and his wife have been renting since they married in 2013 and are determined to get on the housing ladder by buying a studio.

Prices have risen by 21 per cent in Hounslow over the past year, and buyers should benefit from a further boost once the high-speed Crossrail line opens at Heathrow Airport in 2018, which will link directly to Bond Street in about 25 minutes.

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