Signal failure:Londoners suffer the worst mobile phone reception in the country

Cranes and even neighbours' extensions make phone signal so bad that Londoners have to head into the garden to make calls, or even hang out of the window...

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Londoners undoubtedly live in the finest, most vibrant city in Britain, but when it comes to mobile phone reception we're getting a decidedly patchy deal.

Some 42 per cent of people in the capital either have a bad signal at home, or none at all, the worst figure in the country.

Building materials, cranes on construction sites and even your neighbour's extension are all conspiring to make calls on your mobile difficult.

According to a survey by price comparison website uSwitch, reception is so bad that 39 per cent of sufferers have to use landlines for calls, 27 per cent use Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime via wifi, while 30 per cent head to the garden and 11 per cent simply lean out of a window.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, says: “Decent mobile signal at home isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s absolutely essential for the growing numbers who choose not to have landline phones and rely on mobiles to avoid isolation, or vulnerability in emergencies."

Among UK mobile users, the survey found that 21 per cent said all mobile calls at home were patchy, with voices cutting in and out during 17 per cent of calls.

Of the third of UK mobile users struggling with reception, 57 per cent said the issue had plagued them since they moved in, 19 per cent after they switched networks, 12 per cent since they got a new phone, while 5 per cent believe the problems began when they, or their neighbours, had structural work on their property.

Doku adds: “In a bid to avoid the plague of poor signal, mobile users should check coverage maps, which you can find online, for where they live, work and socialise before joining a network. 

"If you find call reception gets worse over time, double check it’s not your handset or a faulty SIM card before you look to change networks.

“It’s worth letting your provider know right away if you’re experiencing issues as it might be something that can be fixed with a signal booster. 

"Failing that, you might want to look at switching networks but do keep a log of any call reception issues, and note the dates you contact your network to report them, so you can build a watertight case to switching away mid-contract if needs be.”

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