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Our lawyer, Christopher Avery, explains how common law applies to parking vehicles on a shared driveway
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Question: I own the freehold to my house, sharing a joint garage and long driveway with my neighbour. I also keep a caravan on my side of the driveway that does not encroach on to my neighbour's land. Am I within my rights to do this?

Answer: You can park a caravan on your own land unless it is subject to covenants prohibiting this.

Check your title to the property to see if there are any such restrictions on what can be parked, or whether you can park on the shared drive at all; it is not uncommon for there to be an absolute bar to parking any form of vehicle on a shared driveway.

More generally, if there is no legal restriction you must stay on land within your ownership (as you say you are doing) and should not park so as to cause a nuisance or obstruction, as this may give your neighbour a claim in common law against you.

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