Neighbours' satellite dish on my wall: how can I get them to take it down?

How can I get my neighbours to remove their unsightly satellite dish from my outside wall? 

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Question: I live in a block of four flats. We all rented our homes but I’ve managed to buy mine, which is on the top floor. My neighbour downstairs has a Sky dish on my part of the building, on the outside wall of my bedroom. As I now own my flat and I don’t want the dish there, can I ask her to take it down?

Answer: Check your lease to see what you own and what is a common part. It is likely that the outside wall does not fall within your ownership but is a common part owned by the freeholder. Fixing a satellite dish to the outside wall is therefore likely to require the consent of the freeholder.

Some residential leases prohibit the attachment of satellite dishes to buildings. If consent for the dish has never been granted, or if the dish’s siting in its current location is a breach of the terms of your neighbour’s lease, your landlord could request its removal.

Had you mentioned the satellite dish to your lawyer when you were buying the flat, during the conveyancing process they could have raised enquiries about it with the seller’s solicitor. In any event, your solicitor should have received replies to Leasehold Property Enquiries from the seller’s solicitor, which should have indicated whether consent for the satellite dish had been given.

Discuss with your neighbour moving the satellite dish to a less obtrusive position that’s acceptable to you and the landlord.

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