Do I need neighbour's permission to install a Sky dish?

Our lawyer Katharine Marshall advises on the rights of flatowners to have a Sky dish installed on a common part of a shared building
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Question: I own the ground-floor flat in a house that has been converted into two separate flats. I wish to have a Sky dish installed, but the only place it can go is on the wall on the first floor of the property, which my neighbour is objecting to.

As the two flats have joint responsibility for the building's upkeep, can I just put the satellite dish where I wish, or do I need my neighbour's permission?

Answer: You will need to check the terms of your lease because this will say whether you have the right to install a Sky dish, either at all, or on the wall you propose. The external wall is likely to be part of the structure of the building and is probably the responsibility either of your landlord, or in some circumstances can be the upper-floor flat owners' responsibility.

The lease may well require you to obtain the consent of the landlord/the other flat owner to the installation of a Sky dish and you must do this if needed.

If you erect the dish in breach of any term of your lease then you may be liable to a claim for damages or a requirement to remove the dish, or (depending on the terms of your lease) at worst the forfeiture of your lease.

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