Legal Q&A

Legal Q&A: who pays the £70k to fix our leaky roof?

I moved into a top-floor flat in a “newly refurbished” apartment block on a shared-ownership basis six years ago. From the day I moved in, I had problems with leaks from the roof, which was repaired but not properly. Now I have been told repairs will cost £70,000 - do I have to pay this or can I appeal?

Does my solicitor think I'm money laundering?

My husband and I are buying a house without a mortgage as I inherited a lot of money from my mother a few years ago. Our solicitor is asking personal questions about where our money has come from and it is making us feel uncomfortable. How far can she push this? 

How can we get our neighbours to move their skip?

Our neighbours have put a skip on our shared driveway and refuse to move it. They have also blocked access to our garage in the past by parking on the driveway. My husband has mobility problems so this makes our lives difficult. What can we do?

Can I have this pathway all to myself?

No one knows who owns the pathway that runs along the front doors of all the houses in our street. I have used this path to access my house for 15 years, can I adopt and own it?

Can we stake a claim for a piece of 'no man's land'?

At the end of our garden is a section of land that has been fenced off, but there is a gate into our garden. The other three sides are neighbours’ gardens. We would like to landscape it and include it in our garden. Where do we stand legally?

How can my daughter recover more of her deposit?

My daughter and her housemates have recently vacated their student rental but the landlord wants to deduct an excessive amount from their deposits for repairs and cleaning. What can they do?

Who is to blame for the Japanese knotweed?

We have just noticed Japanese knotweed at the end of our new garden. This was not mentioned in the survey or in the seller’s questionnaire. Can we make a claim against the surveyor or previous owner?

Whose responsibility is the overgrown hedge and broken

A developer who went bust owns the access paths to new houses built in front of our home. The hedge on his land is wildly overgrown, overrun by rats and there is also a broken down fence. Who should maintain this area now – the residents of the new houses or the council?