Legal Q&A

Legal Q&A: Should we sell our garden to a builder?

Our neighbours’ son contacted us saying they want to buy part of our large garden. He is a builder so it is possible he may want to build a new house on the land rather than simply extending the size of his parents’ garden. If we sell, will this affect our mortgage and can we restrict how they use the land?

Does my solicitor think I'm money laundering?

My husband and I are buying a house without a mortgage as I inherited a lot of money from my mother a few years ago. Our solicitor is asking personal questions about where our money has come from and it is making us feel uncomfortable. How far can she push this? 

Can we make our father leave us a share of his home?

My parents own a house in joint names. My mother wants me and my brother to inherit the house upon their deaths but my father wants to leave the house, or half of it, to other relatives. Is there anything we can do to make him leave a share to us?

Can I have this pathway all to myself?

No one knows who owns the pathway that runs along the front doors of all the houses in our street. I have used this path to access my house for 15 years, can I adopt and own it?

How does the taxman treat holiday rentals?

I understand holiday lets are treated differently to buy-to-let property, but what about the tax treatment of mortgage interest, and how has the recent Budget changed things?