Is this £8,000 micro house the future for London's Generation Rent?

Portable, compact and more than 60 times cheaper than the average London starter home, this prototype for micro living is set to go under the hammer with a guide price of £8,000.
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UPDATE: Micro house bought at auction for £9,500 by Londoner with big plans for the student rental market

Could that oh-so-unfunny joke about moving into the garden shed soon become a reality for young Londoners?

The prototype of an eco-friendly micro house - a portable, 130sq ft single residence that comes with a fold-down bed, kitchenette and shower room - is set to go to auction next week with a guide price of £8,000.

This might seem a bit steep for a home that measures about a third of the size of a London Tube carriage. But, at about 60 times less than the average price of a one-bedroom London flat - currently £501,727 according to property website Zoopla - this "studio house made from wood", could be one of the few chances young Londoners get to own their own front door. 

Or, with mortgage approval highly unlikely, micro homes such as these could at least provide a way for parents to help their children move out - to the garden. 

Thierry Laduguie, who heads up the British arm of supplier Ecodom, says the company has already had a few enquiries from parents looking to purchase the micro house for their children. "It's becoming too expensive for people to buy a house in the UK. More and more people are looking for modular housing solutions," he says.



Energy-efficient micro houses, by Ecodom, will be constructed off-site and delivered fully made within two months of ordering, so it couldn't be simpler to drop it into place and move straight in. ​

The auction prototype has a couple of design flaws: it's three metres tall - a shade under 10ft - so the new owner will need to apply for planning permission before putting it in a garden, and the electrics are in line with EU regulations, so need adapting to meet British standards. 

New models are expected to retail for £16,000, including delivery costs and VAT. They will be made with energy-efficient timber frames and insulation, rather than solid wood panels, so they will be cheaper to heat and will weigh less than the current 5.1-ton prototype. Crucially, the new model will only be 2.5 metres tall - 8ft 2in - so you may not need to apply for planning permission.

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