Finding the perfect flatshare doctors top list of 10 best professionals to live with

Londoners have voted on the professions considered to be the best additions to a flatshare, with medical professionals and DIY experts topping the list, says a new survey.

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The perfect flatshare would consist of a doctor, a plumber, an IT technician and a lawyer, according to Londoners.

The research has found that a fifth of people living in the capital believe doctors and other medical professionals make the most appealing flatmates.

Electricians, techies and legal professionals make for the next most desirable housemates, according to the survey by flatshare website

The survey found that 15 per cent of Londoners would ideally live with a mix of professions so that they could divide house responsibilities, while almost half (43 per cent) wanting to live with someone “hands on” who could take on DIY tasks or help out with a medical or legal issue.

Many others revealed they hoped a lawyer would help manage rental contracts and dealings with landlords, while the same number again wanted to live with a chef who would cook them delicious meals. 

Bar staff and professional musicians are the least appealing potential flatmates, the survey found.

However, with the biggest bugbear among flatmates being hygiene and cleanliness, personality and characteristics, not professions, are the most important factors in ensuring a happy home.

Half of Londoners admitted to arguing with those they live with on a weekly basis, with the top three causes of tension being: not doing the washing up, not following a cleaning rota and being noisy late at night.

(Rex Features) Medical professionals make the best flatmates according to Londoners


Aline Bludau, 24, lives in London with a theatre worker, a cleaner, a marketer and an actress. “I live with people who work in a variety of different professions, but I have actually never chosen to live, or not live, with someone because of their job,” she said.

“When it comes down to it, someone’s profession is only really important if it negatively affects others – any arguments I may have had with a housemate have been due to personality and behaviours, not profession.”

One in 10 Londoners bicker about roommates taking too long in the bathroom or hogging the TV, while other irritating behaviours include using up all the hot water, borrowing belongings without permission and disagreeing over how much rent to pay.


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