Homes gossip: Newton Faulkner's home show

Amira Hashish has all the latest gossip on celebrity moves, including supermodel Gisele Bündchen's hunt for a New York love nest; platinum-selling singer Newton Faulkner sets up 24-cameras in his east London home; Sir Winston Churchill's country retreat in Godalming; and a grand two-bedroom apartment at St Pancras Chambers is for sale
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Newton Faulkner
Newton Faulkner
Platinum-selling singer Newton Faulkner is opening his home to the nation.

The Brit Award-nominated star is setting up four cameras in his east London open-plan warehouse apartment.

Rather like The Truman Show, a 24-hour live stream will follow his every move for five weeks, tracking the recording process of his new album Studio Zoo, which is due for release on August 26. He has converted one of his three bedrooms into a makeshift music studio.

“I am as excited as I am terrified by the prospect of having a house full of cameras,” he said. “The album will be made before your eyes — no tricks, no producer, no engineer, just me, a guitar and a few guests.”

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