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Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, knows exactly where she wants to live in London; and Nicole Kidman has kept a low profile while staying in London to film her latest movie
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Chelsy Davy
© Mark Large
Chelsy Davy

Chelsy moves to Chelsea

It may be a climb-down from St James’s Palace but Chelsy Davy knows exactly where she wants to live following her recent split from Prince Harry. It’s Chelsea Harbour, a 1980s marina development overlooking the Thames whose past residents include Robbie Williams, Sir Tom Stoppard and Sir Elton John.

‘It has all the glamour and high security of Canary Wharf while being near Chelsy’s favourite King’s Road boutiques’, says a friend.

The Zimbabwe-born safari king’ s daughter completes her postgraduate law course at Leeds University this Summer and joins the international law firm Allen & Overy in the Autumn. ‘

Chelsy could expect to pay around £820,000 to £850,000 for a two-bedroom flat in Chelsea Harbour’, say estate agents Stanley. ‘But those with the best river views rarely come on the market’.

Nicole Kidman
© Reuters/Patrick Riviere
Nicole Kidman
While filming her latest film here, Nine, opposite Daniel Day-Lewis, actress Nicole Kidman could have stayed at somewhere swanky like the Connaught or Dorchester Hotels.

Instead she spent three months in a £2,000-a-week serviced flat at the little-known Crowne Plaza Hotel near Buckingham Palace. ‘A lot of stars use it because they like its friendliness and discretion’, says an insider. ‘If Nicole needed baby food from Sainsbury’s or money from the bank there was always someone willing to go. It’s also got a brilliant spa, gym and Michelin-starred Indian restaurant’.

The titian-haired Australian psychologist’ s daughter was accompanied by baby Rose from her marriage to US country and western singer Keith Urban. They share homes in Sydney, Los Angeles and Nashville, Tennessee.

Anthony Hopkins
© Joel Ryan
Anthony Hopkins
Oscar-winning superstar Sir Anthony Hopkins would barely recognise the one-bedroom Barnes flat where he lived during the early-Seventies, for sale at £425,000 through Marsh & Parsons.

In those pre-Silence of the Lambs days he was a regular at the nearby Red Lion pub from where he would often stagger home drunk to the bay-windowed ground floor property on Castelnau.

Teetotal since 1975 the Port Talbot-born luvvie now lives in California. Intriguingly the Barnes pad has two other Hollywood associations.

Its ornate bedroom wardrobe doors were ‘rescued’ from the set of George Lucas’ Star Wars and the Art Deco fireplace from the comedy Victor/Victoria, starring Julie Andrews.
‘They were installed by a subsequent owner’, explain the agents.

Joan Collins
© Sue Moore
Joan Collins
Actress Joan Collins’ former lover, property developer Bill Wiggins, has vowed never to invest in Britain again. Instead he plans to ‘make my fortune’ in South Africa where he has educated his sons, Ben and Theo.

‘The UK isn’t the same anymore - it’s unfriendly, dirty, crime-ridden and ridiculously politically correct’, says Chelsea-based Wiggins, who was famously dubbed ‘Bungalow Bill’ because he had ‘not much on top but a helluva lot below’.

‘I’m working on two deals at the moment. I’m looking for £4 million to develop a 680,000-hectare teak forest and £5.8 million to build 1300 houses in a brand new suburb outside Pretoria’. Wiggins and his wife Debbie live in an Elizabethan farmhouse near Leeds Castle overlooking the Weald of Kent.

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