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After years of searching for the perfect New York pad with husband Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker has finally bought a 6,800sq townhouse - with plenty of room to store her Manolos
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Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP needs no sole mate at New York pad

After years of searching for the perfect New York pad with husband Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker has bought.

In fact, the rumour is that The Sex And The City actress likes the £7.5 million, 165-year-old property so much she can’t wait to get her famously well-turned feet through the door.

The 6,800sq townhouse has a 24-hour high-tech security, five bedrooms and seven splendid wood-burning fireplaces. But surely even SJP doesn’t own enough pairs of Manolos to warrant the use of all that space?

Everything is lovely in the garden for Jo

Jo Whiley
Jo Whiley

TV and radio broadcaster Jo Whiley is known for her love of music, but she is at her happiest when relaxing at home with her four children. “I had my first weekend off in about a year and a half recently and I spent most of it with the kids gardening at my Milton Keynes house,” says the BBC favourite, 45.

“I am most creative in the garden. I am having a massive blitz on it in time for the summer and I have even planted my own vegetable patch.”

Whiley - who has curated the culture and society category of the Smart Future Minds exhibition on display at Southbank - and music-executive husband Steve Morton previously lived in north London but decided to move out for more space. “We had a really small city garden but I loved it. My home environment is so important to me,” she says.

Kelly misses her Notting Hillbilly days

Kelly Rutherford
Kelly Rutherford

Glamorous Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford is missing Ladbroke Grove. “I lived in London for a few months after selling my big house in the LA hills and fell in love with my apartment in Notting Hill. The shops there are gorgeous and I loved going to Tom’s Deli for breakfast.”

Work commitments saw Rutherford, 42, return to Los Angeles, where she bought a small bungalow. “It was still very Notting Hill. I decorated it with lots of bright colours and fabrics so it was cosy and eclectic.”

Now she is based in New York with her two children, her LA home is up for sale. “My New York place is modern but it still has lots of antiques,” she said. “When they had a Marlene Dietrich auction at Sotheby’s I bought a writing desk that Ernest Hemingway had given her, and I use that as a dining table. I also have an L-shaped sofa from Dietrich’s collection.”

So does Rutherford plan to return to live in W10 at some stage? “My son is in school now that we are in New York, but who knows in the future? I think London is probably one of the greatest cities in the world.”

Watch Gossip Girl season four on ITV2. Gossip Girl seasons one-to-three are available on DVD or to download via iTunes.

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Where ballad of John and Yoko first began

John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Fans of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in search of a luxurious flat might like to buy in red-brick Hanover Gate Mansions, where the Tokyo-born musician and artist lived at No 25 in the Sixties with her then husband Tony Cox and their daughter, Kyoko. Lennon used to visit regularly before he and Ono became a couple.

Now, a gorgeous three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment on the fourth floor is on the market for £1.05 million with Sandfords.

It is opposite Regent’s Park, a great spot for celeb-spotting - everyone from Britney Spears to Ricky Gervais has been seen strolling in the royal gardens.

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Houses and flats to rent in Regents Park

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