Home emergency cover

In London an emergency callout visit from a plumber when your boiler breaks or a pipe bursts can easily cost £500. That’s why it’s time to consider home emergency cover
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Homeowners should calculate the financial hit of a broken boiler, leaky plumbing or roof repair and work out whether it might be worthwhile buying home emergency cover.

These specialist policies cover major home repairs, like plumbing, drainage, gas and electrical problems, while some even pay up for problems with heating, roofing, security or damage caused by animals.

First, check that you’re not already paying for it - a few home insurance policies include “home assistance” or “home emergency” cover as standard. Otherwise, get some quotes for a stand-alone policy as well as asking your home insurer about the price of buying it as a “bolt-on” extra.

Shop around for the kind of policy you need too: the AA, for example, offers a basic policy for £4.99 a month for AA members or £5.99 for non-members, covering electrics, plumbing, pests, gas, roof damage and water supply cover. Its top-level of cover, which includes an annual boiler service, costs up to £21.99 a month.

Aviva’s package costs from £7.95 a month, with no excesses, and includes up to £100 a night for temporary accommodation if you have to move out overnight.

HomeServe also provides specific cover, like a plumbing policy from £2.48 a month, boiler and heating cover from £6.99 a month, and electrical cover at £2.54 a month.

You can easily shop around for quotes via comparison websites such as Energyhelpline.com and Uswitch.com.

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