Get the best buy-back rates for leftover holiday currency

Shopping around to get the best buy-back rates for unused currency will pay off
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If you have returned from a summer break abroad with spare foreign currency leftover in your wallet, don’t just ignore it. Unless you plan to visit the place again soon -which is more likely with dollars or euros - then shoving cash to the back of a drawer could be like throwing it down the drain.

Most bureau de change services offer poor rates or expensive fees to buy back your currency, but check with the firm you originally bought from as they may provide a preferential rate. If not, it is worth looking at the buy-back comparison feature on the TravelMoneyMax website (

The site compares the buy-back currency rates offered when you want to switch your pile of colons, Swiss francs, zlotys and so on into sterling. It also shows any extra fees like postage costs - but note that some are so high that it’s probably only worth asking a bureau de change to buy cash back if you have got large sums left over.

Shopping around will pay off. For example, converting 200 euros into pounds would pay out £165.36 via online bureau Best Foreign Exchange, but only £158.23 from rival No1 Currency. Remember to check cash-back sites too, as some convertors will offer extra money as an incentive to use their site.

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