Diary of an estate agent: West London

Launching the UK’s tallest brick-built tower in Vauxhall, and seeing the light viewing a church conversion...
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It has been an incredibly hectic few months, with another busy and exciting week ahead. We’re launching Keybridge, a new development in Vauxhall with 441 apartments, and what will be the UK’s tallest brick-built tower. The brochure has given me some bedtime reading since I received it last week, so it’s fortunate that I have an understanding girlfriend.
As my day in the office comes to a close, I head over to see my client in Camberwell Green, where this major regeneration project is under way. 
Keybridge launch day is here. I can’t help but take a moment to enjoy the views out over the development from the terrace at The Oval cricket ground — it’s just stunning. Our team arrives early to ensure we are fully prepared; armed with our tablets and a huge architectural model, the set-up is impressive. Our schedule is packed and the day is long. We chat to all types of people well into the evening and the day is a great success.
After a whirlwind of conversations, it’s over. I return home exhausted and kick off my shoes. Time to rest up for tomorrow.
I arrive at the office early with my usual coffee in hand. As I reach for the door, an international client calls having just landed — he wants to arrange a walking tour and we agree to meet mid-afternoon. No rest for the wicked.
As I finally get to my desk, I sip my now not-so-scorching coffee, read through my emails and make some calls. Before I know it, it’s time to rush out to meet my first client. The meeting goes well and I make a note to follow up tomorrow — I do get a buzz when clients share my enthusiasm and excitement.
To finish off the day, I go on-site for my first inspection at Hampton Row in Barnes, looking much like one of the Village People in my builder’s hard hat. Briefly, I daydream that one day I’ll be the investor acquiring properties off-plan, but then I snap out of my reverie and get back to completing the reservation process. All good things come to those who work hard, I tell myself.

It’s a glorious summer day. I walk into a church conversion in West Kensington, The Lourdes Collection, for a viewing and the light spills through the magnificent windows — it’s absolutely breathtaking. This is followed closely by a viewing at Hoola in Royal Victoria Dock, another huge regeneration area with a Crossrail station set to open in 2018. All goes well and I’m hopeful we will receive an offer by the weekend. I follow up with my client from yesterday’s tour and I’m thrilled to find that he has decided to reserve not one, but two of the units I proposed.
What a great way to end the week — I find out that my walking tour client would like my support with building his investment portfolio across multiple developments throughout London.
I feel proud and put this down to my enthusiasm for the London residential market — I really do live and breathe it.
As I wrap up my day, it’s time to take my girlfriend out for dinner to say thank you for putting up with all of my homework and long hours over the past few weeks. I need her on side, as I have a packed day of viewings tomorrow that I haven’t told her about yet…
  • Henry Crinage is a sales consultant at Marsh & Parsons, Kensington Church Street (020 7368 4827).

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