Diary of an estate agent: Shoreditch

A Shoreditch agent played a cameo role when an actor bought the director's house
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Diary of an estate agent
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With my wedding only a fortnight away, it feels like I’ve gone from one type of planning to another as our sales meeting sees us setting out our strategy for the week. It’s a hectic start. Offers come in from Saturday viewings and three valuations are booked in for today.

The first is a stunning “Huguenot” house in the Spitalfields conservation area, which is owned by a film director. It’s a beautiful property and, having done recent deals in the same area, I feel confident about getting it on our books.
Given the fact that I overhear a member of the sales staff planning my stag party as I come back into the office, it’s nice to at least feel relaxed about something!


After spending the morning putting the finishing touches to a report, I head out with our new homes staff and our managing director for a meeting with a developer. We’re all very keen for the pitch to go well, as it’s going to be built on our doorstep.

After a pretty intensive question-and -answer session, we’re ecstatic to secure the instruction for 47 apartments. We all head off to celebrate with a few beers — to cement the working relationship, of course.


I was starting to get a bit concerned that I might have been overly confident after my valuation for the film director. However, it’s a great start to the day as we find out we have been instructed on the house in Spitalfields conservation area with a £2.75 million price tag.

I go with the photographer to the house to make sure that we get all the right shots for a bespoke brochure — it really is a beautiful property and the photos look great. I already have someone in mind and call them as soon as I can because I am under strict instructions to finish work on time this week by my other half — there are some final decisions to be taken as part of our honeymoon plans.


As east London becomes ever more desirable, it isn’t surprising to meet celebrities looking to move into the area. But the embarrassing thing is I can never remember who they are.

As I show a couple around the house in Spitalfields, I rack my brain to try to work out where I know the husband from, but it isn’t until I do a quick Google search back in the office that I realise, embarrassingly, he is a really famous actor.

In my defence, and as I tried to explain to everyone in the office, he doesn’t normally have a beard. The good news is that they put an offer in on the house, but to my dismay the owner rejects it, despite it being very close to the asking price. It would have been nice to have a one-day turnaround and I trundle home feeling a bit sorry for myself.


As I grow ever more nervous about my stag do this evening, I get a call from the actor saying he is increasing their offer. He includes a jovial caveat that for this price he wants the lead role in the director’s next film.

The director laughs at this but takes the offer seriously and the sale is agreed, which is incredibly fast — we had to call the printers to have the brochures stopped. It’s a good end to a good week.

As I lock up for the evening, I am full of trepidation about what my colleagues have planned for my celebrations…

Michael Woolley is sales manager in the Shoreditch office of Stirling Ackroyd (020 7749 3838; stirlingackroyd.com).

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