Diary of an estate agent: London West End

Off-market offers and queues down the road - this West End estate agent gets suited and booted to meet the buyers of the area's smart new homes.
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As the day dawns I am still buzzing from the weekend, but not because I’ve had time off. I am back in the office after an extremely successful and busy weekend launch for one of our landmark developments, London Dock. The team’s adrenaline is still running high and we head into our morning meeting full of enthusiasm, excited to see how our great results can be built on throughout the week.
We are in the middle of our busiest period of the year, with eight new major launches for new-build homes in London happening over a six-week time frame. This week we are gearing up for another launch of a riverside scheme in west London. If all goes to plan there could be a lot of late nights taking reservations.
An early morning call comes in from an investor who wants to let me know that he would like to have lunch and chat over some opportunities we’ve discussed. I saw him at our London Dock launch over the weekend, where, on his way to the marketing suite, he managed to prang his Rolls-Royce in his haste to get to the front of the queue and secure a flat. I thought that might be enough to put him off any purchase, but he still made it down and proceeded to buy three apartments.
We meet for lunch today and discuss the market in general. I show him details of a few off-market options which he takes away with him, and promises to give me a decision before the end of the week.
It’s my ninth day in a row in the office and I am starting to feel the pace. I promise myself that I will make this a deskbound day. I need to make sure that the launch tomorrow is a success so I make time to call my potential buyers and book in one-to-one meetings with them.
Although my best intentions are to stay put, I get a call from one of my buyers who wants to meet me at Fulham Riverside for a second viewing. It’s a very worthwhile trip as we manage to agree a deal for an off-plan two-bedroom apartment.
This week’s big launch day has finally arrived, and I don my favourite three-piece suit and tie, something of a sartorial trademark of mine in the office. My colleagues and I are hugely excited about this scheme. It could be one of our best-received developments this year.
We have more than 400 guests on our list for this evening’s event and sure enough the launch is a resounding success, with the marketing suite at capacity throughout the evening and people queuing down the road.
After an intense three and a half hours we close the doors on some very happy buyers and, of course, a very happy client… now for a couple of glasses of celebratory champagne.
The atmosphere is buzzing this morning, with everyone in the office relaying various success stories from last night’s launch.
Before I get too distracted I take a call from the investor I met up with on Tuesday. He has made a decision to go ahead with two of the options I showed him, which is a great result.
Paperwork finished, I can now relax into a well-earned weekend off, after a very busy but rewarding week. 
  • Adam Souissi is a sales consultant with CBRE Residential in the West End (020 7182 2477).

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