Diary of an estate agent: Fulham

This Fulham agents week is full of new instructions, victorious valuations... and learning how to change a nappy.
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After a relaxing weekend out of London we plunge right into the 8.30am meeting. This is my chance to catch up on the weekend’s appointments. It’s  followed by three valuations and a meeting with a new client at his house in Bishops Road, Fulham. It’s a cracking house with the potential to extend and we are expecting plenty of interested buyers. 

The afternoon is spent speaking to all my existing clients for updates. It has been a busier start to the year than we expected, and the day ends with another valuation at an immaculate family house on my way to my Monday evening football.

I get to the office following a hard-fought victory on the football pitch. We are expecting two exchanges today, one on a house near Parsons Green and the other on a two-bedroom flat in Munster Road. Offers have also come in on three of our properties and I am able to give the good news to my clients. 

Later, it’s time for a detailed discussion with a colleague from our new homes department. We have a client who is building a development of 10 units and we discuss all aspects of the design and marketing of the apartments. 

My journey home is cheered by the first exchange of the day, and by seeing that one of the offers that came in earlier has already been agreed, after the buyer increased the sum on the table.

With 15 offices in south-west London it is always interesting to hear what is happening around the area, and I have a meeting with the other sales managers at our head office in Pimlico this afternoon. But before that I need to understand why one of the exchanges didn’t go through yesterday, and I discover we are waiting for money to clear.

Two new flat instructions keep the flow of stock coming in, and by the time those arrangements are made, I jump in the car and head to Pimlico. The other managers say they have also had a busy January, which is good to hear.

We discuss the new turmoil in the Eurozone as well as other troubles worldwide and come to the conclusion that we are lucky to be working with a relatively settled economy. I get home earlier than usual and have enough time for supper before my wife and I head to our last antenatal class.

Fresh from learning how to change a nappy, I have an early start. I head to Putney for an 8am valuation with a colleague from our local branch — there is good crossover between the offices. We visit a large house in Chelverton Road. It’s part of the job seeing beautiful houses and, as usual, I leave thinking, “One day. . . ”

Back in Fulham, it’s time for the bi-weekly meeting with my sales director. Two valuations keep me busy — as well as the exchange that just won’t happen. A few phone calls later, we are assured it will take place this afternoon. There are often frustrating delays with properties exchanging, so I call my client to reassure her everything is okay. Finally, we get the call that we have exchanged and I give her the good news.

An early offer has come in on the  Bishops Road house but my client and I agree it isn’t enough and the would-be buyer is told he needs to go higher. Then I meet a French family who are moving to the area, and I book them into tomorrow’s busy diary to view two properties. Another full day — now it’s time to head home for a glass of wine.

Alex Leschallas is an associate director at Douglas & Gordon in Fulham (020 7348 6717)

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