Diary of an estate agent: east London

A busy week sees a businessman birthday shopping at a new development in St Katherine's Docks and a swanky magazine launch...

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Working for CBRE, you are not a typical estate agent, but a real estate adviser and none of my days are ever the same.

I start my weekdays with an early morning run, and Monday is no exception. It used to be a real struggle in the beginning, but now I quite enjoy it and it helps me prepare for our first morning meeting, where we discuss our buyers and any offers from the weekend. 

Due to the time difference, the first telephone call I make this morning is to a colleague based in our Singapore office. It would not go down well to be calling somewhere like Singapore in the late afternoon UK time.

The afternoon in our Wapping office is very busy and we close two deals with local residents who are looking to upsize and upgrade their homes. In fact, many locals are pleased with this new development coming to the area and breathing new life into it.

We hold a half-day sales and marketing meeting with a company that is selling a local scheme. This particular Tuesday we also discuss the difference between a large balcony and a terrace. Apparently a terrace can only be an outdoor area that has “something” below it. In my opinion if underneath a balcony is another balcony — surely it qualifies for a terrace? 

I start my day attending meetings with private banks. Some of our buyers are referred to us through our contacts at these banks, so it is always good to catch up.

In the afternoon I meet two new clients who are coincidentally both looking to reserve apartments for their daughters as birthday presents. It’s all right for some…

Today we are attending a development construction site with a couple from west London who are looking to  relocate to the area, as they love St Katharine Docks and Tower Bridge.

They are looking for a penthouse apartment for themselves and a one-bedroom apartment for their daughter — another lucky child. We get suited and booted, pop on our hard hats and off we go to the top of the building to see what their views will be. 

Standing at the top of the building looking out over London, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be living in this amazing city. In the evening I head to Berkeley Square to attend the launch of a client’s new magazine. I love these events, the atmosphere is always fabulous and it’s a great way for meeting new and interesting people in the business. 

We are holding an event today in collaboration with a law firm, an investment bank and a tax adviser. We have over 100 people here, which is great, but it makes me rather nervous.

I take few deep breaths and I surprise myself with how easily I take to the stage. The event is extremely successful and by the end of the day I can barely stand on my feet, I am so tired.

I can’t wait to kick off my heels and put my feet up.

  • Mirka Mikleticova, who speaks seven languages, is a site sales manager at CBRE in Wapping (Mirka.Mikleticova@cbre.com).

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