Diary of an estate agent: Bromley

This Bromley agent takes on a feisty Jack Russell Terrier before convincing a landlord to take on a tenant with two pet cats, a lizard, and a little gecko.

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The breakfast sales meeting with my team starts at 8.30am sharp, so we're all here early. We gather round to talk about the week ahead, including an open day we've got planned. We set about juggling appointments to put together a schedule that works for both the seller and potential buyers.

Our agency is celebrating its 70th anniversary, so at today's meeting with the partners across our network of branches and our marketing team we discuss the special events in store, including collaborations, competitions — and our big birthday bash.

After a few hours and plenty of pastries, I'm straight off to a valuation to meet a client looking to sell the family home after 35 years. I spend two hours offering advice and tips for her next move. Not long after my return to base we are instructed to sell her property, so it's back to measure up.

Measuring up at a new client's home for their floor plan first thing, I am distracted by their Jack Russell Terrier running full speed up the garden in my direction. I feel a rush of panic until I realise the patio doors are shut tight — what a relief. The dog, however, crashes hard into the doors and flies backwards through the air. I make a mental note to tell the owners not to leave their feisty pet at home during viewings.

My next meeting is with a client who is selling to a buy-to-let landlord. The vendor, who is going to become the tenant at the property, has two pet cats and a lizard, a little gecko, which the landlord-to-be is not overly pleased about. We try to resolve the situation, as the buyer is eager to complete before the buy-to-let stamp duty rises come into effect next month.

We move on to a photo shoot at another house. After spending two hours cleaning the place to get the best pictures, I think my day's work is done but then find our marketing team has given me a blog to write for our website — should be fun. Did I mention today was busy? 

I take a charming young couple to view a house locally. Showing them around takes about 15 minutes, after which they immediately offer the full asking price. They are the perfect buyers, eager to move things along quickly.

One of the team and I then drive around the patch to check our boards are all in one piece after the recent rain and wind. The weather doesn't help at the next viewing, as the prospective buyers walk their muddy footwear into the house. That's more cleaning for me. Starving, I head for Sainsbury's to buy a snack. This usually takes me five minutes but I bump into a client and find myself chatting about house prices for nearly an hour.

End of the week — and as usual it's busy with completions. We are all waiting eagerly to hear from solicitors to hand over the keys to new home owners. Today's great, as everything moves swiftly and we receive chocolates and champagne from a happy client. The chocs disappear pretty rapidly, while the fizz finds its way to the grateful negotiator. By 6.30pm we are all ready to head off to the local pub for a drink — and to enjoy the calm before the "storm" that is Saturday.

* Trevor Rose is a partner at Proctors, Petts Wood, Bromley (01689 606666).

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