Diary of an estate agent

A multi-million-pound pitch, sealed bids on a friend’s property and a footballer aiming to net a family home get our Fulham agent in a spin
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Diary of an estate agent cartoon


The whole office was in an excited spin this morning as we kicked off the week with a pitch in the millions for a wonderful house near Parsons Green that has space for a fleet of cars. So we are all keeping our fingers firmly crossed.

Popped in to say goodbye to a charming client whose house we sold on Perrymead Street following 46 viewings and eight offers. She had kindly bought a blanket from Pugs & Kisses for my new cocker spaniel puppy, Archie.

We have been instructed on a fantastic house with a swimming pool on Rostrevor Road. This afternoon I have had to cajole our photographer into turning up for the job with a pair of swimming trunks to get the right shot.

A good start to the week with a few new instructions and an exchange on a property on Brookville Road that we sold for the asking price in six hours.


Hopped out of bed this morning and scootered straight to Imperial Crescent for a viewing on a modern town house that occupies 4,246sq ft. The sun was shining so we sent in the photographer to get some river shots.

I have a friend who lives there and commutes by ferry to Blackfriars and says it can get very wet when rough so perhaps, on occasion, a wet suit would be fitting.

I return to the office to discover Barclay has sold a house for an awkward client that we have had on since "Lehman Brothers". This tricky customer has had us running around nonstop, calling us about a "broken blind" when it was merely up, asking us to babysit during viewings and producing a shopping list of fixtures and fittings as long as her arm.

So no surprise that Barclay has just booked a table at a restaurant in Chelsea to celebrate.


We have all spent the morning howling with laughter on discovering that when a smug-looking Barclay agent and his girlfriend were escorted to their table at La Famiglia, who should they find next to them but the tricky client, also celebrating the sale of the same property. The poor Barclay agent mumbled some excuses and bolted to the other end of the restaurant.

Today, we exchanged on a house belonging to a relative of Kirsty Allsopp. It had 39 viewings in seven days and sold in excess of the asking price. We have had a surge of cash-rich parents looking to buy for their children, so if anyone is thinking of selling, now is a good a time.


We had three properties for sale on Bishops Road and today we go to sealed bids on the only one still available. The property belongs to an old friend who served with me in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, so I hope all goes well.

A footballer investor rang to look at a family home on the Peterborough Estate, which is owned by a lovely client who is hopelessly untidy. I ran to the house and made beds, plumped cushions and tidied away toys. I was not overly confident that I had made a sale. The bachelor buyer took off his shoes at the door. Perhaps they were not a match made in heaven.


Have had an increase in valuations this month so I can only hope that the tide is turning. We recently sold a property for a wonderful French relocation agent. This charming lady often pops in to borrow money for meters and has now instructed us to sell two of her clients’ houses because she is so impressed by Strutt and Parker.

Looking forward to a drink in the White Horse this evening, followed by surfing in Devon this weekend with my twin. Hopefully more ecstatic clients, fantastic instructions and hard work next week.

Ivor Campbell-Davys is the head of Strutt & Parker’s Fulham

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