Diary of an estate agent

Our agent sorts out a child covered in chocolate and seals a deal in a sauna, but then loses a sale because of a dodgy teenage cyclist

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A fantastic start to the week, with a property which had only come on to the market last Thursday, getting seven good viewings over the weekend and three asking price offers. With 12 people still booked in to see the property this week, we have set up a sealed bid for Friday afternoon. Anyone who doesn’t see the property before then won’t have a chance to bid. I love it when a week starts with a bang.




Tuesday started with a city banker viewing a property with his wife and two children in tow. Whilst showing them around a suitable family home, I noticed the two-year-old had reached into the back of the pram and pulled out a chocolate bar. Having got most of the chocolate on her hands and face, I politely suggested that we find a tissue to clean up the mess.

Too late, as she had already run across to one of the glass doors leading to the garden and smeared the chocolate all over the immaculate white curtains and carried onto the glass. Realising she had done something wrong, she started crying causing the baby to start crying. One dry cleaning bill later and no offer in sight, the buyers continued their search - minus the kids.






Frantic day today as one of our properties, which was supposed to exchange last week, had to exchange today or the deal was off. Everything was set to go and all the solicitors needed was confirmation of completion dates from the vendor, but typically, no one could get hold of him. As it was Wednesday, I knew there was only one place the vendor could be – the gym. Not wanting to jeopardise the deal I headed off to his gym.

I looked everywhere for him - the weights room, around the running machines, even by the pool. Finally there was only one place left to try… the sauna. Nervously I opened the door and there he was. I called his name and he opened one eye, peered up at me and sat up with somewhat of a fright saying ‘hello mate?!’ I said I had his solicitor on the phone and passed my mobile to him. He was surprisingly cool and after a five minute chat handed the phone back. By this time I was soaking wet, drenched in sweat, and dreading the embarrassing walk back out of the gym, but the deal had gone through. Job done.






Today I was reminded that you can only do your best and sometimes fate just takes over. My colleague came back into the office from a promising second viewing of a spacious family home slightly out of our patch and although still in a sought after area, is just around the corner from a rough estate. He explained that the viewing had gone really well and it seemed the buyer was going to make an offer.

They returned to the car to drive back to the office but before they set off, the buyer had a few more questions. Whilst eagerly answering the questions my colleague’s attention was drawn to a dodgy looking boy of about 14, riding a battered BMX and heading his way. To his amazement, the cheeky young kid came all the way up to the car and making a gun shape out of his hand put it through the small gap at the top of the window and pointed it directly in the buyer’s face. Needless to say we didn’t get an offer.






Today was the day of the sealed bid, and what a fantastic result. We had eight people entering the bid at asking price so we knew it was likely to finish considerably over. As the results came in even I was astonished to see that the winning bid was eighty thousand pounds over the asking price. The vendors were absolutely delighted and wrote me an email to say so.

On top of this I had a call from the city banker with the chocolate-fingered child to say they would be making an offer on the house they had viewed on Tuesday after all!

Marcus Olivers is an associate director at Chesterton Humberts in Hampstead
(020 7794 3311; chestertonhumberts.com)



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