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Our Bromley estate agent celebrates surviving a Rottweiler by dancing with trees
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A meeting to go over the weekend’s events reveals that Saturday’s open day, held in a small vacant property in a popular street in Bromley, attracted more than 30 viewings in two hours. At one point it looked like there was a party going on with so many people crammed in. We got five full asking-price offers, though.


I spend most of this morning on the phone trying to firm up sales. One is on the verge of collapse though - the vendor needs her son to help her move out, but he won’t be available for several weeks. The buyers are dangerously close to pulling out, so my colleagues and I volunteer to help the vendor move.


The weather is glorious, so I’m pleased to be off to value a flat with a large garden. As we sold the flat upstairs a few months ago, I am well aware that today’s vendor has dogs (which try to batter down the door every time someone passes by), so I’m a little nervous about meeting them. The vendor, a young woman, shows me the flat, but there is no sign of the dogs. Then I hear barking from the garden. The dogs have been put out in the side alley and trapped there using solid oak garden furniture.

I venture outside and start taking notes but just as I’m about to go back indoors, out of the corner of my eye I see the garden furniture barricade topple. A huge Rottweiler leaps over it and barrels towards me. My world goes into slow motion as the owner instructs: 'Norman! Down!'

The beast immediately drops meekly to the lawn. After picking up my stomach from the floor I scurry away and console myself with the thought of a stiff drink to come later.


This morning I take a client to see a vacant property - vacant, that is, except for a stray cat wandering about looking lonely with, apparently, no one to take care of it. On hearing this story back in the office, one of my colleagues offers to adopt the puss. It’s nice to see that it’s not only people we find homes for.


A couple of completions today. Two very excited first-time buyers come in to collect their keys - they even present us with a box of chocolates for helping them. Just before I head home, a call comes in asking us to value a three-bedroom town house that backs on to woodlands. There is just enough time, so I head over there to be greeted by the vendor wearing a headscarf, T-shirt and extremely wide trousers, her 'dancing' trousers she tells me. She apologises and says that she had to push all the furniture to the edges of the room to give herself more room to dance.

I ask her what type of dancing and before I know it my shoes are off and we are weaving and waving about in her front room. Not any old dancing mind - she waits for a breezy day and then moves in time with the trees. I consider my dance episode to be my aerobic exercise for the day so reckon I can take a night off from the gym and scoot off home.

Daniella Aspland is sales manager at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward’s Bromley office (020 8460 6066)

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