Diary of an estate agent

A date and a big sloppy kiss get our country agent through the week
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Back in the office after a busy weekend. A first viewing on Saturday followed by a return visit in the afternoon resulted in a fantastic deal being agreed in the drawing room of the house on the Sunday. If only all deals could be done so quickly.

It turns out that May is looking to be a bumper month with three other houses agreed. My afternoon is spent calling buyers, getting to grips with their many desires.

I have one amusing conversation with an eccentric lady who insisted on telling me everything she had eaten that day in great detail and what she was cooking for her husband that evening - clients never cease to surprise me.

An impromptu date after work is a nice end to the day. A success in one respect as she gives me a great sales lead for our Chelsea office - not quite the personal result I had hoped for, though.


Off on an early Euston train to our Chester office to a pitch for a fabulous house. It is such a privilege to be asked to be involved in the sale of what for most people is their single biggest asset and often has a huge emotional attachment. This particular house has been in the family for three generations so understandably it is a hugely reluctant sale.


It's Country Life day as our new houses are launched. We get an amazing response to a very pretty house in the M4-M3 corridor. More than 50 enquiries and 20 viewings booked for the weekend. Who said there aren't many buyers out there? It amazes me that some people don't realise the importance of a full marketing and PR campaign for selling such important assets. If you miss one buyer by not doing the job properly you may miss the opportunity to maximise the true potential value for a property.


I head off to the Cotswolds to see a beautiful equestrian house with our Moreton-in-Marsh office. In trying to relate to the client's interest and a love of horses, I tried to display some affection for a rather sweet looking white pony.

I approach to give it a kiss on the cheek just as it turns its nose abruptly, leaving me kissing the inside of its flaring and rather, er, snotty nostril. Having got over the embarrassment I head off to catch up with my boss in a service station to finalise the last details on an important launch tomorrow - oh, the glamour.


After the customary team bacon sandwich we are inundated with calls following a great article about a new property in a newspaper. I then receive a panic call from a fraught buyer. He is not going to be able to deliver his signed contract to his solicitor, and exchange is set for today.

So I jump in my car and drive to Hertfordshire to collect it and return to his solicitor just in time. One very relieved client. I am strangely looking forward to another jam-packed work weekend with my 20 viewings booked earlier in the week. There is nothing better for a sale than one Porsche leaving as an Aston arrives.

George Bramley is an associate in Strutt & Parker's country house department (020 7629 7282).

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